Can PCs Offer Gamers More than the Latest Consoles?

In spite of the recent release of two brand new “next-gen” gaming consoles the actual video games industry is in a bit of a lull at the moment. This is not a unique situation. With new console launches games developers are wrapping up work on the previous generation while trying to get to grips with the new generation’s hardware.

Typically, it is a year or two into the life-cycle of a new console before developers figure out just what they can do with the hardware and start pushing out great quality games. In the mean time gamers are left waiting.

Many gamers are realizing that instead of purchasing new consoles as soon as they come out they can instead transfer some of that cost over to the purchase of a new PC. With a little extra spent on a desktop you can have all the productivity you require from a computer alongside the ability to play the latest video games at higher quality than the latest consoles.

Here are some PC options to consider that can also provide more than enough oomph to play the latest video games.

Classic Desktop

If you had been contemplating purchasing a new console but have been put off by the lack of inspiring games this might be an ideal time to upgrade your existing desktop instead. If your monitor is a high enough resolution and still in good shape you can hold on to it and put the difference towards a more powerful machine.

Purpose built gaming machines can be a substantial investment. These are typically aimed at gaming enthusiasts. For casual gamers such high powered machines are not necessary just to match a “next-gen” console.

An ordinary desktop with a good processor and 4 or more GB of RAM can be easily upgraded with a reasonably priced graphics card. If you require a CAD style workstation these are often capable of running games to a high level even if they are not necessarily designed for it.


Dedicated gaming laptops such as the MSI range can at first glance look like a very expensive option, typically starting at two to three times as much as a modern console.

But if you consider that even lower priced options incorporate a full HD LED monitor and far more performance than any next-gen console, all in a single, portable package, they actually represent incredible value.


Like the gaming laptops all-in-one PC’s seem a little more costly but again, like the gaming laptop you are getting incredible performance in a single, sleek package. All-in-ones like Asus’s ET range use an ultra high resolution 2650 x 1440 LED monitor, a much higher resolution than your typical Full HD flat-screen TV.

The Asus also incorporates a high quality graphics card that will allow you to play the latest video games in much higher resolution than the latest consoles can achieve.

Media PCs

Not many vendors are producing dedicated media PCs but with the increasing popularity of streaming channels they are likely to become a more and more common fixture beneath the televisions in our living rooms. The addition of a quality graphics card can instantly turn a Media Centre PC into a complete entertainment and gaming console.


Of course if you can’t find the exact PC for your computing and gaming needs you can always just build it yourself. Even if you have never built a PC before it is not as complex as it looks. You certainly don’t need a degree in computer engineering (although it would probably help).

A little research online to check the compatibility of components, how to put them together and how to get them running is usually enough to build an inexpensive yet powerful machine.

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