Top Tech Predictions for 2015

At the end of the 19th Century Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, predicted the invention of television but thought we would have to wait another thousand years to watch it. In reality it was just a little over 50 years before many were watching television from the comfort of their own homes.

Most of big technological changes come out of the blue or are developed a lot faster than expected. Technologies like the internet that completely change society are almost impossible to predict. Easier to gauge are the technologies that have been building in importance and are set to establish themselves in the near future.

Here are our top predictions for technologies set to become influential in 2015…


Image Credit:”Lost in Space Jonathan Harris & Robot 1967” by CBS Television. – eBay item photo front photo back. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


Expect it to get Cloudier

Cloud technology has been growing steadily in influence over the past number of years and 2015 looks to be the year it takes over. A huge number of companies have joined the cloud sector either in providing cloud services or using them. The economical benefits of data as a service have become too significant for larger companies to ignore. The increased competition among providers means more affordable options for smaller companies.

2015 will be Phabulous

Phablet domination is imminent. Smartphones have steadily grown larger with Apple finally joining the plus sized club in the form of the iPhone 6. Tablets meanwhile have been shrinking. The two have naturally converged at the optimal and ideal size of the phablet form factor. More powerful processing capabilities combined with the utility of smartphones will be irresistible to customers looking to consolidate their personal technology. You can also expect large pockets to dominate fashion trends for 2016.

Security Consciousness

In the wake of revelations about government spying, 2015 saw a series of high profile hackings. Powerful corporations and famous individuals alike were left exposed by insecure networks and poor security practices. Expect companies large and small to leave their lax security behind. No longer relying so much on “passive” security, companies will become more proactive in encrypting data and monitoring threats as customers in particular become more concerned about data security. Individual consumers will also be looking for personalized security solutions that keep their personal information private.

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3D Printing will be Market Ready

3D Printing has been in most people’s periphery for a few years now. Many have seen the potential but until now have not quite been convinced of the results and the cost. In 2015 a number of companies will be releasing relatively inexpensive 3D printers that provide satisfactory output. As with any new technology the full potential of its applications are only likely to be seen when it becomes widely available.

Your Fridge will Email You

The “internet of things” will see everything in your home and office connecting to the internet. It’s not clear how useful it will be to the consumer but that is not necessarily the value of the internet of things. Everything from your fridge to your stapler will send data back to their manufacturers on how you use their product. That data will be invaluable to manufacturers, informing everything from design decisions to supply chain efficiencies. Consumers in 2015 can expect a lot of emails letting them know when their office is running low on staples and suggesting they put in a new order.

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