Tips for Choosing a Desktop PC for your business

Before purchasing desktop PCs for your small or medium-size business, it’s important to resist the temptation to simply go for the lowest price. We would advise you to invest in systems that will get the job done for years to come. Specialised business PCs have extra features that make them better suited to the office, they are built to last longer, and are easier to service than consumer PCs.


The majority of basic business tasks don’t rely on major processing power, a dual-core processor is suitable for the majority of business tasks. A quad-core processor is best for graphics-intensive work and heavy database projects (e.g. graphic artists).


The more memory RAM, the better. More memory allows you to open up more programs at once and perform multimedia processes faster. Again for standard business tasks, look for at least 4GB of RAM. For those who work in graphic design and web development, we recommend 8GB to 16GB.

Hard Drive

Unless you are a professional who needs to access large files or save multimedia projects to your computer, you won’t need much hard drive space for your daily business tasks. We recommend a hard drive with 300GB to 500GB of space. If your employees only need to use internet and Microsoft Office, a 120GB to 128GB SSD should be enough for office workers’ needs.

Other factors worth considering; extended warranty, a DVD burner (still important for business computers), graphics card (high power – only necessary if you need to use Adobe CC or 3D graphics visualisation).

We have one of the best selections of desktop PC’s  in Ireland including great offers on major brands, including Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo and MSI at fantastic prices.

If you need any help to choose the right desktop PC for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us via or (01) 460 6038. We would love to help!

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