New Developments in CPUs – How does this affect you?

Intel Corp, the biggest maker of semiconductors with several offices in Ireland, has said its new processors are going to deliver the biggest bump in performance that personal computer users have experienced in years.

The eighth generation of its Core line will provide as much as a 40% jump over its predecessor. New laptops built on the chips will come to market in September.

Intel, whose chips are the heart of more than 80 per cent of the world’s PCs, has been remarkably successful in a market that’s been declining since it peaked in 2011, and is now more than 100 million units smaller than it was.

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The new range of chips from Intel will provide a massive leap forward in performance compared with the 450 million PCs that are currently in use and that are more than five years old.

In that period processors have become twice as fast at crunching data and the machines themselves have shrunk to be half as thick as they were.

Editing 4K video shot on a GoPro camera might not even be possible on older machines, while with the new chips the time needed to do such tasks will be reduced to single-digit minutes.

So the bottom-line…

What does this mean for you?

It means essentially that previous desktop workstations will eventually turn into thin svelte laptops. It also means ability for enhanced graphics and processing speeds for those more inclined to gaming.

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Should I wait a few months to buy when the 8th Gen becomes available?

If you are a SME and are planning a hardware refresh it might not be worth it to wait three months however if you are buying for purely consumer use it might be worth waiting – (Christmas is around the corner!)

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