5 Irish Tech and Digital Blogs to follow

Image top 5 tech and digital blogs to follow

Dublin is growing a strong reputation as Europe’s Digital Hub. We’re home to some of the most exciting tech companies, from innovative Irish grown start-ups to global tech giants. This also means there is a lot of technology news pouring out of this little island and keeping on top of it all is no easy task. So to take some of the stress out of it for you we have compiled a list of 5 Irish Technology & Digital Blogs to follow.  

1. Irish Tech News

Irish Tech News is an award-winning online publication with a focus on Irish based news, the giveaway is in the title. Updated frequently, Irish technology news has all the latest updates from both a local and global level across a range of topics. Blog topics include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, insightful interviews with tech influencers and great tips on social media marketing for businesses.

2. Goos3d

Goos3d was set up in 2014 with the aim of bringing Ireland’s technology news to the masses and making it fun and accessible, something it’s safe to say they have achieved. Goos3d is a highly entertaining blog which covers the latest apps and gadgets with a few Father Ted GIF’s thrown in for good measure.

3. Wolfgang Digital Blog

Multi-award winning Dublin based Digital Marketing agency Wolfgang Digital have an equally award-winning blog. Wolfgang swept the board at the V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017 winning in both the “Best Marketing and Communications” and “Best Digital and Tech Blog” categories and deservingly so. This blog is full of industry news, updates, case studies, expert analytics insight on all things Digital Marketing.

It’s Wolfgang’s creativity that really makes this blog the best practice standard for business blogs across any industry. Blog posts are put together in highly visual and engaging formats including video and infographics making it (excuse my nerdiness here) fun to learn.

4. Ireland Technology Blog

Ireland’s Technology Blog covers everything from home technology, personal technology, gaming, smartphones and all the latest tech news from around the world. With frequent updates and honest reviews, it’s a one-stop shop for Tech lovers.

5. Silicon Republic

Established in 2001, Silicon Republic is recognised as a leading source for technology, science and start-up news. With the most frequent updates of the websites on the list, Silicon Republic has a strong focus on Irish Tech news, firmly establishing Ireland as a Europe’s tech hub. Other topics covered include but are not limited to entrepreneurism, academia, IT strategy, consumer tech, online tends, earth sciences, renewable energy, IoT and all thing STEM.

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