A Guide to Buying Toner

Buying toner cartridges for laser printers should be a straightforward task. However, you can be faced with a number of questions like “What type of toner should I buy?”, “How often should toner be replaced/ last?”, “How much should I spend buying toner?” and “What is the difference between branded cartridges and non-branded cartridges?”. This blog post aims to answer all these questions to provide you with all the information you need when buying toner.

Ink and Toner

What model?

The first thing you need to consider when buying toner is what model your printer is. At Eurieka.ie we stock a wide range of ink cartridges and toner cartridges (all originals from the manufacturers). We have ink and toner cartridges for almost every make and model of printer including HP, Epson Brother, Canon, Dell, Kodak and Lexmark and more, all at competitive pricing.  With such a broad range, we have made the process of finding the right match easier for you with our Ink and Toner Finder. Simply, enter your printer brand, printer family and printer model and we will find the match for your model of printer.

Fine the right toner for your printer.

Intended use 

To gain the best value from your cartridge an important consideration is the printing job type, the printing volume and the printing quality required. If you are printing a high volume of black and white documents then choose a black toner with a high page yield. Page yield provides an estimated number of pages you can efficiently print before the cartridge runs dry. If you need to print high-quality promotional material, you will need a high-quality colour cartridge for a clean, crisp and profession finish which often comes with a price premium.

Generally speaking, the way you use your printer will determine how long your toner cartridge lasts. High usage will result in the toner been replaced sooner, that been said if your printer is used very infrequently you could find that your toner cartridge goes bad long before you’ve depleted it. This leads to the next commonly asked question, how long can toner be stored for? Over time, air can get inside the box an antistatic bag in which manufacturers package cartridges and degrade the ink or toner’s compositions. If cartridges are stored correctly in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, they can last for up to two years after purchase.

Protect yourself from counterfeit

The final and most important consideration is to protect yourself from counterfeits. While third-party toners are cheaper, by comparison, the print quality is subpar and the non-branded toners and inks can result in voided warranties. Counterfeits can cause print heads to block, causing printer jams and alignment problems. Leaky cartridges can damage printers. This additional cost quickly wipes out the initial savings of a low priced alternative.

Current HP Promotional Offers

HP currently offers extended protection and up to three-year free warranty when you use original HP supplies. This gives you peace of mind should anything wrong, experienced HP technicians will quickly service your device at no charge.

HP are also currently running a Toner Cashback offer for up to €100 Cashback on Original HP Toner. Simply, combine all three colours with one or two black cartridges and claim up to €100 cashback. This offer includes your favourite cartridges, no matter what HP colour laser printer you have. Plus, you’ll gain legendary reliability, leading technology and outstanding quality from HP.

If you’re thinking about buying a new HP printer, read our helpful guide on finding the right HP printer for you.

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